Our History


In October 2018, the UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC) sent a small delegation of  UKYCC organisers to the 2018 LCOY of the Netherlands, which took place in Amsterdam. At the event, the delegation felt very inspired it, and upon their return to the UK, they decided to organise and host the UK's first LCOY ever. An LCOY working group was established within UKYCC, which, through the support of UKYCC and the international LCOY movement, in particular, the Austrian and Dutch LCOY teams, ultimately evolved into its own organisation: LCOY UK.


Our Mission, Vision and Values 

The overarching mission of LCOY UK is to empower youth in the UK to be global, national and local climate activists through capacity building, creative engagement and knowledge-sharing, helping them to find pathways into the climate justice movement.

We envisage an event which will create a strong network of UK youth leaders within the international youth climate movement. LCOY UK will allow youth to understand and to learn more about the relationship between domestic and international climate issues, together with the importance of local, national and global activism to solve them. We aim to mobilise youth to 'act locally, think globally'.


The key values upheld by LCOY UK are inclusivity, consensus-based collaboration, respect and sustainability.

Who will be there?

We are bringing together some of the most influential organisations working on climate change. Lead by UK Youth Climate CoalitionPeople & Planet, UKSCN and Restless Development, we will also be joined by Youth4Nature, Manchester Greenpeace and many, many more.


What you will hear about

The key themes at the heart of our event will be:

  • Climate justice

  • History and science of climate change

  • Activism and empowerment

  • Policy and business


There will be over 30 workshops on a variety of topics, ranging from conservation to renewable energy and sustainable fashion. You are free to attend the workshops that interest you most. The panels and workshops are sure to inspire you to engage even more in our fight against climate change.

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