Behind LCOY UK there is a Central Coordination Team and a Wider Team, both composed of UK youth.​​ Every LCOY coordinator and organiser works as part of one or more of our sub-teams, including: 


  • Programming

  • Communications

  • Finance

  • Social Events

  • Venue, Catering & Materials

  • Accommodation and Travel

  • International Collaboration


If you would like to join our Wider Team, check the "Join Us!" section.

Rebecca Brett

Schools Outreach and Venue and Materials

Rebecca, a third-year Natural Hazard Management with International Development Studies undergraduate student at the University of Chester, volunteers as part of the School Outreach and Venue and Materials subteams around her studies. She has volunteered with UK and International Youth projects, and advocates the right of youth populations to ‘raise their voices’ on all things climate change; voicing their opinion on the world they will grow up in.

Lauren Urquhart

Venue and Materials

Lauren, Geography BSc graduate from Durham University with a keen interest in climate justice and natural hazards management. Currently working in environmental regulations and is a part of the Venue and Materials LCOY subteam. In her spare time she teaches sailing and volunteers with the Scouts, enjoying helping young people achieve their full potential.

George Coombs

Programming and Speakers

George, originally from Manchester, worked previously in the higher education sector and specifically, engagement in Students’ Unions. Currently working in networks and events, strengthening communication within the voluntary sector in the North West. Supporting the Programming and Speakers subteam to ensure we create a powerful and empowering conference for all. Passionate about creating a platform to allow young people to address the climate emergency and have their voice heard. Badminton player and painter in my spare time.

Kevin Reilly

Venue and Materials

Kevin, originally from Dublin, currently drives high performing people and quality assurance initiatives for a youth-led international development organisation and volunteers for the UK Youth Climate Coalition, supporting the Venue and Materials LCOY sub team. Passionate about global social justice and the power of young people to lead change and overcome the biggest challenges we face in our communities and globally.

Sarah McArthur

Programming and Speakers

Sarah, an Energy, Society and Sustainability MSc student at the University of Edinburgh is working in the Programming and Speakers subteam. Has a keen interest in the formation of clean energy systems and sustainable development. She is also passionate about the critical voice young people represent in ensuring a just transition to a zero carbon society.

Tom Bedford

Venue and Materials

Student at the University of Keele, studying Environment and Sustainability. Part of the Venues and Material team for the LCOY. I’m a bit of a sustainability nerd, interested in how our political and economic systems influence our world view and how it manifests itself in our daily life. Also a local organiser in Stoke-on-Trent!

Tom Wilson

Communications and Outreach

On a gap year in between finishing A levels and going to uni to study Natural sciences. Part of the comms team at LCOY. I am very passionate about youth engagement with environmental issues and am all about empowering the next generation to look towards a more sustainable future. I’m also a complete biology nerd, interested in behavioural ecology. I’m also involved in lots of other environmental projects.

Anna Carlini

Programming and Speakers

Anna loves being part of the programming team. Having completed a Masters in Environment, Politics and Society she is currently working at an environmental charity working to cut carbon emissions and ensure a just transition for vulnerable people. She is a part of the UK Youth Climate Coalition her particular passion is the feminist approach to climate justice.

Nelli Vanninen

Programming and Speakers

Originally from Finland, now studying in Glasgow, Nelli is on her final year of her Economics & Politics degree and looking to pursue a Master’s in Development Economics. She is particularly interested in international climate justice and burden-sharing between the Global North and South as well as creating an economic system that serves the people and the planet. In her spare time she loves to be active and you can find her from the wakepark, ski slopes or on top of a munro!

Rebekah Stevenson

Communications and Outreach

Rebekah is a Geography graduate from @KeeleUniversity and is enthusiastic to creatively engage with the climate justice and sustainability movement to help work towards an environmentally conscious future. In her free time she loves upcycling, film photography and being the mother to many house plant babies

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