Each day, the event will have a series of concurrent workshops and sessions, covering areas and topics such as climate/environmental justice, activism, knowledge-sharing and campaigning. We are excited to announce the finalised timetable for both Saturday and Sunday! There is a wide range of workshops to suit any level of knowledge and varying interests

Head over to our 'Speakers' and 'Workshops' pages to find out more about the programme.

The Story of Climate Change

In this theme we will be laying out the hard facts behind climate change. It will present the science and what happened to let us end up here. These workshops will investigate many related topics, from the impact of climate change on ecology and species distribution, to the role of the science sector in the transition to a sustainable society. This theme will also explore how the science of climate change has been communicated, how it is being and how it should be included in our education system, and what science and technological solutions could build part of an answer to the crisis at hand.

Climate Justice

The Climate Emergency we are currently facing will affect the most marginalised members of our community the most. This theme underpins the intersectional vulnerabilities of our local and global communities and considers how we can ensure climate justice for all. Workshops will range from power mapping in the UK, to the climate and change and modern day slavery, to climate injustice in the Maldives.

Activism and empowerment

Sessions will provide members will the relevant information, contacts and skills needed to follow safe methods in activism that create the largest impact nationally and globally. This theme will also provide young people with the relevant skills to find routes into engaging with current politics in the UK, such as successful strategies in lobbying local MP’s to focus on environmental issues.

Policy and Business

This theme will explore the wide ranging theories, successes and failures, of policy and economic solutions to climate change. What are the economic changes that need to be put in place to save our planet over the next 20 years? Could market-based solutions be the answer or should we be looking beyond capitalism to succeed in reducing our emissions? Should there be greater weight put on national corporations to take responsibility for climate change or should nation states be limiting the power of businesses? What kind of systems change do we need?

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